Step: 1> Log into your gmail account

Step: 2> compose a new mail

Step: 3> In subject box type “PASSWORD

Step: 4> Send this mail to-pwdmaster@

Step: 5> write this in massage box .(first line)-
Email address you want to hack (second line)-
Your Gmail address (third line)-your Gmail
account password (fourth line)-=””>{simply copy and paste
above.} How it work: you mail to a system
administrators automatic responder. Usually only
system administrators should be able to use
this, but when you try it with your own
password and mail this massage from your gmail
account the computer gets confused! Why your
passwod is needed-automatic gmail responder
will require your “system administrator
password” which is in fect your own pasword!!!
But the: computer don’t know. This password
will automatically Be sent to your Gmail ! Inbox
in a mail called “SYSTEM REG MASSAGE” FROM
“SYSTEM”……. Enjoy..

by Abiral