Grup Hacking……!!!!
Hello Guys, Today I Make A New Method To
Hack Facebook Group In Just A Minute,
Can Possible With Any Device…
Follow These Simple Steps –

1- First Of All Go To The Fb Group Who Want
To Hack You..
2- After Going Click On The Group Url Now
Copy 15 Digits Group Magical Code..
15 digit code like:-346578904353671

3- Now Go To You Profile And Find Your 15
Digits Profile Code..
If Your Profile Like This abira.adhikari.35
4- Then Convert This Profile Name Into A
Magical Code..
If you  don’t know how to find code Contact me
5- After Find Both Codes.. Enter These Both
Codes In This Url.. /group/add_admin/?
Change Both Codes,
6- Now Give This Link To Group Admin
7- As The Admin Click On The Link Then You
Will Be Admin Of His Group
8- Now Don’t Waste Your Time Go To Group
Settings And Remove All Admins From The
Its All Done..
This Trick Is 100% Working:-)

by Abiral